Nonprofit Pathway Scholarship

The Nonprofit Pathway certificate program was created in partnership with Community First Foundation to prepare individuals to enter the nonprofit sector, provide additional training to experienced nonprofit professionals and ensure Colorado’s nonprofits have access to a skilled and diverse workforce.

This scholarship, powered by Community First Foundation, assists those who wish to launch or advance their career in the nonprofit sector with financial support. Eligible students are currently enrolled in the Nonprofit Pathway Certificate with intent to complete the certificate program and are in good academic standing.

To be eligible for this scholarship you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Enrolled in one or more courses for the Nonprofit Pathway Certificate, AND
  2. Employed by a Community First Foundation Nonprofit Endowment Partner as listed HERE
  3. Qualify as low income or below on 2015 HUD income limits found HERE

*The Nonprofit Pathway Certificate Program *

  • Helps students build or expand the practical skills and knowledge needed in today’s nonprofit workforce.
  • Incorporates experiential learning opportunities through community partnerships that:
  • Provide real world experience for students
  • Connect classroom learning through real world projects
  • Expose students to a variety of missions to connect their interests with a mission driven career
  • Provides transfer pathways for students to attain a bachelor’s degree leading to work in the nonprofit sector (articulation agreements with undergraduate bachelor degree programs in development)

View more about the program at:

$300 to $600, per semester
Supplemental Questions
  1. LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION: For NEED BASED APPLICANTS please upload a letter of recommendation from a non-family reference who can speak to your strengths. Good choices for this field include teachers, college staff, faculty members, supervisors, or community leaders. For STRATEGIC PARTNER APPLICANTS please upload a letter of endorsement from your employer verifying your employment and their support and their acknowledgment of your enrollment in the program.
  2. Please Indicate if you work with a Community First Foundation Nonprofit Endowment Partner:
  3. NEED BASED APPLICANTS ONLY: The Foundation collects information about your overall financial picture to assist in determining financial need, including household, expenses and income. Financial information is REQUIRED from all NEED BASED APPLICANTS.
    • Do you utilize public assistance resources right now? Examples include TANF, WIC, SNAP, CCAP)
    • How many people live in your household, including you?
    • Looking ahead, how much gross income do you estimate YOU and others in your household will earn in 2017?
    • What is the total gross income earned by ALL members of your household in 2016? (No $ sign, no commas, one decimal followed by a zero. Example of how your answer should look: 200.0 )
    • What is YOUR total gross income earned in 2016? (No $ sign, no commas, one decimal followed by a zero. Example of how your answer should look: 200.0 )
    • Which of the following BEST describes the people currently living in your household?
    • Which of the following best describes who is responsible for paying the basic living expenses in your household?