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Welcome to the RRCC Scholarship Application System! We are so happy your motivation for academic success brought you here. Here’s what you can expect as you apply for the numerous financial awards for students just like you at Red Rocks.

  • Current students and students who have taken RRCC courses sign-up using their student email address (it will look something like
  • New RRCC students, who have yet to take a RRCC course, will use the email from their RRCC admission application.
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What to expect:

  • First, you will complete the General Application and submit it. This sets you up to apply for our many different scholarships. The system will send you an email asking you to confirm your account.
  • After that’s done you can submit for specific scholarship opportunities by logging in to this portal and selecting an opportunity from the list, below.
  • Check each opportunity to see what you might qualify for—the portal is super smart and may also make some recommendations to you. Some, but not all, of the additional scholarship opportunities have extra questions.
  • Log in to this portal at least once per month so you never miss a scholarship opportunity.
  • If you have questions or would like some help please feel free to contact scholarships staff through email at
  • We look forward to seeing your application!
Opportunities Table
Award Name Actions
Approx $5,630.40 over three semesters (spring/fall/spring) High School Senior Achievement Scholarship
The High School Senior Achievement Scholarship requires a paper...
Approx $1,876.80 RRCC Post-GED/HiSET Scholarship
This one-time scholarship opportunity requires a paper application,...